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Contract Negotiations

Entertainment Industry Contracts

Contracts are a basic tool used in all business arrangements, including the business end of the entertainment industry. Whether you are a musician, actor, director, producer, writer, professional athlete, or other artist or craftsman or a representative of a production company, studio, or other business entity which is connected to this industry, you will inevitably be involved in contract negotiations. Negotiating the terms of a contract is a vital activity in which each side must work out their differences to come to an acceptable agreement. Contracts provide legal protections for the parties involved, delineating their rights and responsibilities and how disputes may be remedied should they arise. A contract needs to clarify all of the necessary terms, arrangements, and possibilities that may occur during its duration. Generally breaches of contract may be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or through courtroom litigation, where damages which are usually in the form of monetary compensation are sought by the aggrieved party.

How an Entertainment Lawyer Can Help

Having an experienced entertainment lawyer representing you in a contract negotiation is highly recommended. An attorney can protect you in this matter by helping to minimize your risk factors while maximizing your gains. Attending to the legal details of any contract through review, negotiation, amendments, and compromises is part of the contractual process. Ultimately, you want to ensure that your contract provides the legal protections you need to successfully proceed with your project or production.

Our legal team has practical business experience as well as considerable legal experience in the entertainment and arts industry. We provide aggressive and strong legal representation on behalf of our clients in any contract negotiation, whether it involves literary property, TV, film, the music industry, live performances, radio production, the visual arts, licensing, merchandising, celebrity endorsements or any other creative aspect in entertainment.

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